Kids’ furniture

There are many shops devoted exclusively to kids' furniture; every kid has his or her dream bedroom that has unique furniture. A basic nursery can later take on the identity of a French Provencial boudoir for a girl or a sports room for a boy. It is small wonder that kids' furniture is among the most frequently purchased furniture and dominates many used furniture stores. Although you may feel you are spending a lot of money on kids' furniture, you can actually save money by buying your kids' furniture used.

Your best bet for a basic bedroom for a kid is white painted wood for the beds, chest of drawers, shelves and the closets. This suits either gender and the kind of wood used for kids' furniture is usually a durable yet tends to have more knots and flaws and should therefore be painted. Make sure that the paint does not contain lead, which is dangerous for children.

Kids' furniture should include ample storage space for toys and future hand-me-down clothes. The top of a bed can be lifted to reveal a storage space inside, or bookshelves can be added to a headboard. A toy storage unit can be made with six or eight little wooden cubbies in two levels. A boys' chest of drawers can also be used to display collections, including model planes and ships, or special shelves can be built onto the wall for this purpose.

Some of the most charming kids' furniture mimicks adult furniture, such as minature upholstered Victorian chairs, classic armchairs and rockers. Kids also need a break at the end of the day, and can unwind with their favorite comic book on a small leather sofa or an armchair with an ottoman. However, if “kids should be kids” is your motto, you can easily find classic rocking horses, Holly Hobby furniture and brightly colored, fun bean bags.

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